TAG Retro Arcade | 32" TV

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In the 90s, the best part about school was going to the arcade afterwards. Arcade Guys can take you back in time to the golden years.

With the ability to play up to +17000 games, one arcade, unlimited retro fun. Our new enhanced 32" HD retro arcade machine cabinet for the ultimate gamer with support for Light Guns, Trackball and Wrap.

It’s the perfect addition for the office, man cave or any room of the house.

Everything is brand new!

-New 32" smart tv (Netflix, Roku, Sling, etc.)

-New buttons and joysticks

- Equipped with recently upgraded high definition speakers with subwoofer to make you feel like you’re a part of the game.)

-New LED lights behind the marquee

-New Raspberry PI 4 with 128gb SD card

Arcade Cabinet Dimensions:

Height: 72 inches

Depth: 24 inches

Length: 30.5 inches

Door-to-door delivery. Starting at $395 Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Support